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Digital posters is a term for large images that include words, numbers and simple graphics. They are often seen as the poor relations of infographics.

So what are digital posters good for, as design artifacts? Even Citraro finds it difficult to avoid damning with faint praise. “If neither your message nor your audience is complex, digital posters can be an excellent tool for communicating,” he says. Ah, so if you want to talk simply to simpletons, here’s the ticket! But if you think of digital posters with the same expectations as any other kind of poster—a form of graphic communication that, like any other, contains masterpieces as well as reams of crap—it becomes easier to see what they excel at. “The nature of a digital poster is to effectively convey a simple message without overloading the viewer,” Citraro says.


At their best, infographics are a visualisation tool that:

  • Present information in a more compelling way
  • Make a complex subject and make it easier to digest
  • Add to people’s understanding of a topic by introducing an element that copy alone couldn’t easily convey

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