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There are many ways to use Wikity, but this is the most common:

  • Research something you don’t know about.
  • Learn things
  • Write a short article on the subject, capturing what you learned.

Did you ever wonder where people got the idea to steam milk in coffee and call it a cappuccino? Research it. Summarize it in an article called Birth of Cappuccino.

Did someone mention an artist you never heard of? Find out who they are. Write something.

The biggest misconception of new Wikity users is that you should write on things you know about. NO! (is that forceful enough?). Be curious. Learn new things. Share your learning.

Become a person who wonders things on a daily basis. Move from wondering to thinking “I should write a Wikity article on that.” If there’s already an article in Wikipedia, write a better one, a shorter one, a longer one, a more opinionated one, a less opinionated one, a less biased one, a more appropriate one for a class.

When you are done, look for other things in Wikity your article connects to and link them.

The Wikity model is Wonder Things > Research Things > Share What You Found > Connect It To Other Things.

Wikity users can copy this article to their own site for editing, annotation, or safekeeping. If you like this article, please help us out by copying and hosting it.

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